Commercial, Corporate and Public Relations Photographers

I am so proud of the Google results from the search term of “public realtions photography” and “pr photographers” with their unique state name included. The idea to be shown on Googles’ first page that relates to a specific area of your photography will net you the desireable 95% considered by being indexed in Public Relations Photography dotcom. Take the test and see it for yourself. Take the test below. Tell me your results of how your website shows up.

Photography Google Test Related to Public Relations Photography

Go to Google and search these terms: Replace “your state” with your state in which you market.

1. your state,pr,photography

2. your state,pr,photographer

3. your state,public relations photographer

4. your state,public relations,photography

5. pr,photographers

You will see “” on first or second page at least.

If your website does not show up, you need to get indexed at Public Relations Photography.

Talented Wedding Photographers

Wow! I am so excited about starting this new wedding photographers’ Blog for producing reviews and promotions for talented wedding photographers. So much of my time in a week is dedicated to surfing the Internet and I have decided to Blog about some of the most beautiful work of wedding photographers across the United States. Professional speaking you can become humble with your work and skill when you really set back and review others work. Not only do I view the website of their wedding portfolios assignments I will read their mission and philosophy statements. That explains much of the creative juices they have that goes into shooting their wedding assignments. Would you like for me to review your website and write a review?

Check it out!

Talented Wedding Photographers dotCom

Photographers offering “Free Photo Session”!

Can you make money offering “free photo sessions“? And the answer is  . . . . . YES!  I believe their is a unique way of offering free photo session to considered clients in unique and creative way and make money. Most importantly it could lead you to relevant leads from search engines and I believe that’s a great thing with marketing your photography business.  Stay tuned! I’m working on it for me and will be listing my friends too.

Public Relations Photographers . . .

Hello there public relations photographers. This website has been a dream and desire for me to consider doing for so long because I desire to shoot more photography services related to public relations with and authors networking service I perform. I have developed Public Relations Photography dotCom website to fulfil that as a viable SEO marketing product and goto website for those art directors and public relations firms looking for top rated PR Photographers. Get listed and shine with authority!

DC, Maryland and Virginia Wedding Photographers . . .

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last posting. I’ve been working hard on some many projects. OK, DC, Maryland and Virginia photographers. I got my lastest website up and running for you to be listed on. It’s called DMV Wedding Photographers. This website should add a great value to those photographers performing wedding services in these three locations. Be in touch and get listed!

On Location Photographers . . .

Just a quick note! Hey photographers if you shoot headshots and photo shoots on location then you would want to be included on two websites, “On Location Headshot” and “On Location Photo Shoot”. I recently moved out of my small studio and love shooting assignments on location. It brings out the creative side of me to perform with what you get on location. I’m just about finished with “On Location Headshot” so take a sneak peak at it now. I’m about to get started on “On Location Photo Shoot” and should be ready later this month. Check back here for updates.

Maryland Wedding Photographers

Well if you’re a Maryland Wedding photographer, you will want to be listed in this website. First, the website name has the complete major keyword phrase in it, “maryland wedding photographer”. That keyword phrase is the most search term for finding a wedding photographer in Maryland. A freebie consulting statement: get listed in a directory with that term and get found. I’m only allowing 10 wedding photographers in this directory per county listing. Check it out at “Maryland Wedding Photographer”.

Hello Photographers!

Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by. I’m here to help and assist you with better search engine marketing methods that can produce better results in addition to a variety of niche branded theme name websites. Currently I have 15 websites that photographers can get listed with more being added monthly. Remember, backlinks is one point that counts with relevant search engine marketing if you want to be found. Continue on a daily grind to work hard tweeking your meta tags and obtaining backlinks for better page ranking. Don’t forget the craze of social media networking too. Please consider learning more about me and my experience as a marketer and professional photographer that is working hard to get you better results more afforably. I have over 15 years experience in Internet marketing and website design & development.