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I am so proud of the Google results from the search term of “public realtions photography” and “pr photographers” with their unique state name included. The idea to be shown on Googles’ first page that relates to a specific area of your photography will net you the desireable 95% considered by being indexed in Public Relations Photography dotcom. Take the test and see it for yourself. Take the test below. Tell me your results of how your website shows up.

Photography Google Test Related to Public Relations Photography

Go to Google and search these terms: Replace “your state” with your state in which you market.

1. your state,pr,photography

2. your state,pr,photographer

3. your state,public relations photographer

4. your state,public relations,photography

5. pr,photographers

You will see “” on first or second page at least.

If your website does not show up, you need to get indexed at Public Relations Photography.

Public Relations Photographers . . .

Hello there public relations photographers. This website has been a dream and desire for me to consider doing for so long because I desire to shoot more photography services related to public relations with and authors networking service I perform. I have developed Public Relations Photography dotCom website to fulfil that as a viable SEO marketing product and goto website for those art directors and public relations firms looking for top rated PR Photographers. Get listed and shine with authority!